$ETERNAL Marketplace

We already have an $ETERNAL Marketplace live in our Discord, which can be used to offer services to the community in return for the $ETERNAL currency! We have already seen some interesting use cases from our community, such as picture editing or even small educational lessons.
We wish to expand this further with a direct connection to our Game / Website. Where users can trade their Overworld Items for $ETERNAL, or even offer aid to complete Quests - an example of that could be to request a user with a particular trait to help them reach a clue destination in game.
Other things that we have in mind as potential developments:
  • Option to rent out Sins avatars based on traits [ limited time inventory ].
  • Ability to buy/sell Cosmetic items gained via the Overworld.
  • $ETERNAL buying options directly in-game using stable currency [example: USD] or other blockchain coins [example: ETH, SOL].