The Deadly Sins: Cursed Items

The Cursed Items are a collection of relics which grants the holder special abilities and powers. These NFTs were airdropped to those who were first to uncover the secret of our first Scavenger Hunt; a hidden QR code in our 'Deadly Sins' collection which led to a video stating which Sins to hold before the snapshot date.
This is an all-inclusive metaverse ready asset, meaning it provides the user every 'Cursed Item' in the Overworld and their individual utilities. These being:
  • Cursed Amulet: Significant staking yield bonus [more information here]. Also, shakes in the Overworld when getting close to hidden $ETERNAL coin spawns.
  • Cursed Rings: Each ring provides a different attack/defence move, providing a competitive advantage in the Overworld's Arena.
  • Cursed Book: Activates the user's abilities to cast magic traps, which can be used tactically when defeating monsters, or also in the Overworld's Arena.
  • Cursed Mask: A mask which can be used to unlock a special pathway to the Intel Room in Hell's House.