The Deadly Sins: Phantom Key

The Phantom Key is an ominous item which unlocks a special room in Hell's House & grants the holder access to the 'Phantom Benefits Program'. These NFTs were airdropped to the 111 OG's in our server who met the requirements to become a Phantom member; also known as our VIPs.
The 'Phantom Benefits Program' consists of:
  • Royalty airdrops when community wallets are healthy and we have earned an amount which won't impact any project development costs.
  • Staking bonuses - staking a key provides a substantial bonus of 25 $ETERNAL a day, per key.
  • Access to the #phantom-alert & #phantom-lounge Discord channels, where we discuss project information ahead of time & show sneak peeks early.
  • 'Phantom Votes' - where members can vote to decide on significant project decisions.
  • One free airdrop from future collections.
  • Exclusive interactive perks in the Overworld, including a special room in Hell's House which hosts exclusive mini-games and events.
  • In development: A monthly reward wheel, where each key can give its holder a spin in the chance of winning: ADA, $ETERNAL, NFTs, merchandise & even collaboration assets/WL spots.
  • In development: A Phantom-only room in the Hell's House landmark in our game! Which will be host to exclusive social events, mini-games & item drops.