Staking Bonuses

Staking bonuses for the $ETERNAL platform are in the form of the Leftover System, Cursed Items, Discord Roles & Factions. You can learn all about the details of the Cursed Items here.
The 'Cursed Amulet' provides a daily bonus of 8 $ETERNAL. This increases to 10 $ETERNAL when paired with a Deadly Sin which has the 'Barcode Tag' earring trait; this was originally used to complete our first scavenger hunt. IMPORTANT: They both have to be staked together in the same batch on our platform for this to work.
These rewards are stackable, however you will need one 'Barcode Tag' per 'Cursed Amulet' to attain the additional bonus.
Leftover Sytem
Trait Dependent
14,465 $ETERNAL is distributed every day from the Deadly Sins collection alone. This number is derived from if ALL assets are staked. Whatever isn't staked on a given day to reach this number is EVENLY DSITRIBUTED among the staked assets; acting as a potential generous bonus.
Trait dependent Discord roles are rewarded when your verified wallet has a combination of unique traits. These traits do not need to be on one asset alone, but can be across all of the assets contained in the wallet.
There are 'regular' trait roles, 'special' trait roles & 'arcane' trait roles. Each of these provide different levels of rewards.
You can visually view all trait dependent role combinations here.
You can also monitor your progress by entering your wallet address here.
Depending on the amount of assets you hold in your verified wallet, you may receive Staking bonuses. These are the following requirements and rewards:
• Sinner: Holder of 1-2 Deadly Sins NFTs | no bonus
• Malevolent: Holder of 3-4 Deadly Sins NFTs | +1 $ETERNAL
• Fiend: Holder of 5-9 Deadly Sins NFTs | +3 $ETERNAL
• Behemoth: Holder of 10-24 Deadly Sins NFTs | +5 $ETERNAL
• Leviathan: Holder of 25-49 Deadly Sins NFTs | +8 $ETERNAL
• Scylla: Holder of 50-99 Deadly Sins NFTs | +12 $ETERNAL
• Grand Collector: Holder of 100+ Deadly Sins NFTs | +25 $ETERNAL
By attaining certain levels from XP [no spamming allowed], you may receive additional staking bonuses. These being:
• Hellhound: Reach Level 10 | +3 $ETERNAL
• Fallen Angel: Reach Level 20 | +6 $ETERNAL
Note: levels reset every 3 months
By Server Boosting in our Discord server you get a special role which also acts as a nice bonus, in thanks of your support!
• Cult Funder: +5 $ETERNAL
All details on 'Factions' and their bonuses can be found here.