CNFT Slabs

CNFT Slabs are 1 of 1 printed, physical graded slabbed cards of your NFTs. You can think of these as the CNFT version of PSA Graded Collectors cards (e.g. Pokemon cards).
Holders are entitled to the following benefits:
  • Phantom Key Holders: 15% off all NFT slabs orders
  • Sin Holders: 15% off Sin NFT slab orders
Links: Twitter / Discord / Website​
Note: There will be special events where all our holders can receive a 15% off discount on all NFT slab orders. For the time being you must leave a note on your order stating that you are a Phantom Key/Sin holder; you must also send payment from the wallet that is home to your Phantom Key/Sin. CNFT Slabs will look at the wallet in which you sent payment from.