DISCLAIMER: This litepaper is a "living document", and has been created to share project information effectively to newcomers & veterans. The contents of this document will change over time so we cannot promise everything is always up to date - we will make amendments as soon as we become aware of any inaccuracies.
The 'ETERNALS' is an NFT gaming project and company based on the Cardano blockchain. We're an open-world fantasy game about the "Eternal War" waged between light and darkness, where after eons, strange creatures manifested into existence and now carry on the will of this battle.
Our first collection, titled "The Deadly Sins," representing all that is dark, launched on June 23rd, 2022 and managed to sell out in 16 hours. Our goal is to create one of Cardano's premiere games, host to quests, fun mini-games, special organized events, and more revolving around our lore and native token $ETERNAL.
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