Eternals: Collectables

The 'Collectables' series consists of Collector Prints & Overworld Pins.
Collector Print NFTs are special one-of-one art pieces created by our talented Co-Founder Fana. You can get them by minting on our website using $ETERNAL, but you will have to be quick since the supply is limited!
They are valued for their scarcity (and visual appeal) rather than anything utility-based, however, we are making it so if you own a Collector Print inspired by a particular character in the ETERNALS brand you can get merchandise discounts on items related to that character.
Overworld Pin NFTs are special assets you can claim through events in the Overworld, or in real life events/scavenger hunts. These are also collectables, but once you own a certain number of different pin types this can positively influence your staking yield & enable you to take part in special events in our game.
You can purchase Pins off of the secondary market here.
Both types of assets are stakeable on Cardanolands, as explained in the 'Platforms' section.